About Dharma Espresso

Dharma Espresso is a regular podcast of short lessons with Dharma Master Hang Truong. The topics include the dharma, meditation, and Buddhism in every day life. This page will provide both audio and English transcripts of the talks.


About Master Ce Hang Truong

Thay in HawaiiBorn in Vietnam, Venerable Hang Truong grew up during the war, and was educated in United States,. He was ordained under Chinese tradition and educated in the Dharma under the direct tutelage of Master Hsuan Hua, the founder of the City of Ten Thousand Buddha Chinese Zen lineage. Master Hang Truong has worked and served multiethnic communities across Asia, America and Europe.

The Master embodies, teaches, and lives by multicultural, multi-disciplined, global centric values. He is very well known for his holistic, integral approach to modernize and integrate Buddhism into the fast changing world.

In 2002, he created Compassionate Service Society, a non profit organization that helps heal the body, mind and spirit. In 2003 he co-founded Hana Spiritual Retreat in Maui, Hawaii, a spiritual center to bring key leaders of the world religions together to promote dialogues and cross-cultural understanding. In 2005, the Master launched community wide effort to help the victims and survivors of the Asian tsunami in Sri Lanka. In a world that is in dire need for love and caring, Venerable Hang Truong’s innovative work and teaching bring invigorating spiritual uplift and healing, and transcend ethnocentrism and cultural divides. His promotions of peace and harmony for self and community are indeed the new hallmarks of Buddhism in the 21st century.